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The Tarot Cards - The suite of Pentacles

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Element: Earth

Zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Pentacles generally deal with situations and things dealing with the material. Money, business, hearth & home.

A Note On Tartot Card Reversals

The Ace of Pentacles

Keywords: Contentment, felicity, entering a favorable period financialy. Material gain

The ace of pentacles

The Two of Pentacles

Keywords: A need for balance. Turbulent period of time to work through. Struggling to move forward

The two 2 of pentacles

The Three of Pentacles

Keywords: Realized success through hard work. Investments paying off. People taking notice. A job well done. Good work

The three 3 of pentacles

The Four of Pentacles

Keywords: Inheritance, gifts. Could represent a miserly person. Clinging to the material. Greed

The four 4 of pentacles

The Five of Pentacles

Keywords: Destitution. Financial troubles. Can also represent a faithful and loyal lover. Help is coming

The five 5 of pentacles

The Six of Pentacles

Keywords: Charity. A well meaning individual. Gifts. Sharing. A need to be generous. Acceptance and gratitude

The six 6 of pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles

Keywords: Sometimes a need for a break. Resting on ones laurels. Hard work paying off , but still much to be done. Inertia

The seven 7 of pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles

Keywords: Hard work is paying off. Great skill. Achievement. Focus and hard work. Material success achieved

The eight 8 of pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles

Keywords: Prudence. Success, oppulence. The fruits of your labor. Abundance

The nine 9 of pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles

Keywords: Prosperity. Wealth. Generational wealth. Things related to family. Can also represent retirement. The peak of a successful matter

The ten 10 of pentacles

The Page of Pentacles

Keywords: A studious, perservering, scholarly type. Smart, idealistic, conscientous and kind. A young enthusiastic energy

The page of pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

Keywords: Can represent a practical, materialistic person. Can also indicate projects coming to a stand still or material gains achieved slowly

The knight of pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: A shrewd woman. Down to earth, but practical and on the materialistic side of things but generous. Can represent magnificence, security, opulence, generosity

The queen of pentacles

The King of Pentacles

Keywords: A smart bold man with many successful business talents. Fair, trustworthy, and methodical. Observant, and able to see all the angles

The king of pentacles