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Element: Water

Zodiac: Picses, Cancer, Scorpio

Cups generally relate to the emotional apsects of our lives and the subconsious.

A Note On Tartot Card Reversals

The Ace of Cups

Keywords:Abundance, joy, fertility, nourishment, love, happiness.

The Ace of Cups

The Two of Cups

Keywords: Love, union, partnerships, cooperation, harmony

The two of Cups

The Three of Cups

Keywords: Matters concluded, good outcomes, joy, celebration, happiness, victory

The three of Cups

The Four of Cups

Keywords: Discontent, weariness,disgust, aversion, boredom

The four of Cups

The Five of Cups

Keywords: Loss but not a total loss, worry, regret, things overlooked, a need to reevaluate

The five of Cups

The Six of Cups

Keywords: Nostalgia, the past, things remembered, things gone, fresh starts, harmony

The six of Cups

The Seven of Cups

Keywords: Imagination, big dreams, self reflection, hopes, wishes, decisions, choices

The seven of Cups

The Eight of Cups

Keywords: Walking away, change of plans, different direction, leaving things behind and looking for different attainment

The eight of Cups

The Nine of Cups

Keywords: Success, contentment, prosperity, victory

The nine of Cups

The Ten of Cups

Keywords: Happy family, good personal life, harmony, joy, abundance, success, concluding matter

The ten of Cups

The Page of Cups

Keywords: Young person, news, messages, active imagination

The Page of cups tarot.

The Knight of Cups

Keywords: Arrival, approach, news, propositions, moving forward, advancements

The knight of cups tarot.

The Queen of Cups

Keywords: Highly intuitive woman, active imagination, love, intuition

The Queen of Cups tarot card.

The King of Cups

Keywords: A man of business. Sometimes legal issues. A fair and helpful person.

The King of Cups tarot card.