Learning The Individual Tarot Cards

Learning Tarot - The Getting Started Guide

The Deck

First things first. You need to pick a deck you resonate with. Nowadays there are so many decks to choose from. Make sure you find a deck that speaks to you.

Some people say your first deck should be gifted to you. Unless you feel really strongly about that personally, just go out and get a deck! Whether the deck is gifted or purchased for your own personal use if you feel the calling to read the cards get a deck and start reading!

If you're new, you may want to look at some of the more traditional Pamela Colman Smith decks available. Starting out with one of these decks can help you with the more traditional meanings and most people find the card imagery very easy to read.

If you're looking for something different finding a deck with good imagery is important. Look for samples of the cards and see how the imagery feels to you. Ask yourself what the characters are saying? When you find a deck that "speaks" to you, you've probably found your deck.

Learning The Card Meanings

Now that you have your deck it's time to learn the card meanings

The Major Arcana | The Cups | The Wands | The Swords | The Pentacles

Learn Tarot Spreads

You have your deck, you've learned your card meanings, now it's time to learn some spreads

Spreads Coming Soon