Learning The Individual Tarot Cards - The Major Arcana

The Tarot Cards - The Major Arcana

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A Note On Tartot Card Reversals

0 The Fool

Keywords: Fresh start, new beginning, naivete.

The Tarot Fool

I The Magician

Keywords: Will, determination, mastery, skill, focus

The Tarot magician

II The High Priestess

Keywords: Hidden knowledge & influences, intuition, female energy, mysteries

The High Priestess

III The Empress

Keywords:Motherhood, fertility, abundance, wealth

The Empress

IV The Emperor

Keywords: Authority, leadership, government, intelligents

The Emperor

V The Hierophant

Keywords: Religion, conformity, counsel, advice, social approval

The Heirophant

VI The Lovers

Keywords:Attraction, beauty, love, choices

The Lovers

VII The Chariot

Keywords: Conquest, decisions, success. Self control, discipline

The Chariot

VIII Strength

Keywords:Balance, handling a situation with a gentle touch. Courage, strength. Being strong in the face of adversity. Determination


IX The Hermit

Keywords: Repose, introspection, attainment, wisdom

The Hermit

X The Wheel Of Fortune

Keywords: Karma, success, good fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

XI Justice

Keywords: Success in legal and financial matters. Balance. A need to look at a situation without prejudice


XII The Hanged Man

Keywords: Enlightenment, looking within. Seeking knowledge. Truth, propecy

The Hanged Man

XIII Death

Keywords: Rebirth, renewal, death, destruction, change


XIV Temperance

Keywords: Balance, knowledge. Looking inward and outward


XV The Devil

Keywords: Selfishness, deceit, trickery, trapped in delusion. Bondage

The Devil

XVI The Tower

Keywords: Destruction, anhilation. A life changing event. Devastation that brings change

The Tower

XVII The Star

Keywords: Conscious and sub-conscious thought. Optimism, purpose, inspiration, hope

The Star

XVIII The Moon

Keywords: Trickery, deciet, things not being what they seem. Imagination, intuition

The Moon

XIX The Sun

Keywords: Attainment. Happiness, success, happy life, joy

The Sun

XX Judgement

Keywords: Judgement, awakening, decisions, renewal


XXI The World

Keywords: Success, completion. A completed cycle. Happiness. Accomplishment. Goals achieved. Achievment

The World