The Moon tarot card from the Rider Waite deck

The Moon – From A Witches Almanac

I found this clipping in “The Witches Almanac” Issue 29 Spring 2010 to Spring 2011. The clipping was found in the moon section of the almanac. It was just a couple pages dedicated to utilizing the moon in magick ritual. I liked the interpretation of this card and the author’s use of the imagery in […]

Youtube Video About Learning A New Tarot Deck

Video: Study Guide, Journal, and Tarot Scrapbook Ideas.

I found this Youtube the other night and really enjoyed the creative ideas the content creator shares. She talks about creating a study guide for working with new tarot decks. The study guide she creates is a lot like a tarot scrapbook based around the deck she’s researching or studying. She does have a tarot […]

A Personal Story of Being Mindful and Aware.

Being mindful and aware of your thoughts and surroundings while reading tarot is a very important subject that I feel a lot of people overlook. Spirit or our higher power often speaks to each of us differently. Some people may experience a chill that runs up there back, others a noticeable boost of energy. Some […]