The Page of Swords

Daily: The Page of Swords

Pages often represent people entering our lives or aspects of our own personalities. They can represent a young, child like energy. They can signify the start of a project, or a messenger of some sort. If it represents a person they will usually represent a younger person or someone with a childlike demeanor. Depending on […]

The king of cups sits upon his throne.

Daily: The King of Cups

Kings can represent either strong figures in our lives or aspects of ourselves. The suit of cups also deals with emotional issues. Whenever I read the court cards I look at the Kings as having the strongest qualities of the suit it represents. The King of Cups is a well balanced, emotionally stable, creative individual. […]

The Seven of Wands

Daily: The 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands is a card that shows us obstacles are being overcome, but there is still action that needs to be taken. You may have to fight for what is rightfully yours. There is definitely a need to stand your ground! The seven of wands shows opposition, resistance, and a need for strategic […]

10 of Swords

Daily: The Ten of Swords

The ten of swords is another one of those cards most people cringe at when they find it in their spread. Honestly though, it’s a really interesting card and not as bad as it looks… My first thoughts upon seeing this card is, “I have some good news and I have some bad news.” The […]

The Five of Wands

Daily: The Five of Wands

The five of wands is an interesting card. It’s a card that shows us things may not be what they seem. It could represent a deception, a sham or a miscommunication that causes a bit of chaos. We have what appears to be five men on a battlefield fighting with sticks. Upon closer examination they […]

2 of Swords rider waite deck

Daily: The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords generally deals with difficult decisions. It shows a need to balance our thoughts and look at a problem or situation with a clear mind. We may not be able to see all the angles or we possibly don’t have all the information. The card can also indicate some sort of deception […]

the 3 of wands from the witches tarot

Daily: The Three of Wands – Witches Tarot

The daily tarot pull is usually a card I pull from the deck the night before. Each night before I sleep I pull a card to meditate on and contemplate. I love when a tarot pull is in direct alignment with my thoughts. As it should be, but sometimes the card is just so spot […]

Daily: 8 of Cups – Indolence Thoth Deck

The 8 of cups is one of those cards that is really open to interpretation. In the Thoth Deck the card is named Indolence and represents laziness. This could relate to shrugging ones responsibilities, or not paying attention to a prosperous business venture or not seeing important details because you’re simply not paying attention. In […]

Daily: The 3 of Pentacles or 3 of Coins

As they say, ‘the third times a charm’. My last two card pulls from this deck were pretty negative cards. I was starting to think the Ellen Dugan Witches Tarot deck didn’t like me. Today I pulled the Three of Pentacles. Finally a more positive card! The 3 of Pentacles is a terrific card to […]

The Nine Of Swords – FUD

I’m not sure how to feel about this deck. I’ve had some interesting experiences with it already. I’m not liking this at all though. This is the second pull from this deck and the second really negative card I pulled. The Nine of Swords in any position is a very inauspicious card in any spread […]