XI Justice

Daily: Justice XI Major Arcana

Justice the eleventh card of the major arcana. When the justice card appears in a reading it is usually a reminder to act ethically, fairly, and compassionately. The scales of justice will be balanced, and our actions will be accounted for. It often represents a legal situation, a day in court, or a legal matter. […]

The High Priestess

Daily: The High Priestess

When the High Priestess appears in a reading it’s time to trust your intuition. She can often represent mystery, hidden truths, or not knowing all the facts. Her presence in a reading indicates a need to remain balanced and look for hidden details. Sometimes she can indicate issues rooted deep in the subconscious and a […]

Daily: The Tower XVI of the Major Arcana

Well, I’m not liking this one bit! I started playing around with the Ellen Dugan – Witches Tarot deck last night. I spread the cards out and pulled one randomly. My first pull was The Tower! The Tower is one of the few cards in the deck that makes newer and long-time tarot readers alike […]

Our Magickal Journey Begins With the Magician.

For the second post on this blog, I selected the magician. The Magician is the first person the fool meets on his journey. The Magician teaches us the importance of will and focus. He is a creator and an innovator. He utilizes what he has to work with, and makes his dreams a reality. He […]

Let’s Start This Journey With The Fool!

I think it’s only fitting that the first post on this blog about tarot should be about The Fool. I also find it auspicious that we start this adventure at the start of a new moon cycle. The Fool is a card that can represent new beginnings and fresh starts with a playful energy and […]