The High Priestess

Daily: The High Priestess

When the High Priestess appears in a reading it’s time to trust your intuition. She can often represent mystery, hidden truths, or not knowing all the facts. Her presence in a reading indicates a need to remain balanced and look for hidden details. Sometimes she can indicate issues rooted deep in the subconscious and a […]

Daily: 8 of Cups – Indolence Thoth Deck

The 8 of cups is one of those cards that is really open to interpretation. In the Thoth Deck the card is named Indolence and represents laziness. This could relate to shrugging ones responsibilities, or not paying attention to a prosperous business venture or not seeing important details because you’re simply not paying attention. In […]

Daily: The 3 of Pentacles or 3 of Coins

As they say, ‘the third times a charm’. My last two card pulls from this deck were pretty negative cards. I was starting to think the Ellen Dugan Witches Tarot deck didn’t like me. Today I pulled the Three of Pentacles. Finally a more positive card! The 3 of Pentacles is a terrific card to […]

The Nine Of Swords – FUD

I’m not sure how to feel about this deck. I’ve had some interesting experiences with it already. I’m not liking this at all though. This is the second pull from this deck and the second really negative card I pulled. The Nine of Swords in any position is a very inauspicious card in any spread […]

Daily – The 3 of Cups.

The 3 of cups is another one of those tarot cards that is a welcome addition to almost any tarot spread. It represents success, accomplishments, and achievements. Hard work has finally paid off and now it’s time to celebrate. A great card to find in the outcome position showing a highly likely success above and […]

A Personal Story of Being Mindful and Aware.

Being mindful and aware of your thoughts and surroundings while reading tarot is a very important subject that I feel a lot of people overlook. Spirit or our higher power often speaks to each of us differently. Some people may experience a chill that runs up there back, others a noticeable boost of energy. Some […]

Daily: The Tower XVI of the Major Arcana

Well, I’m not liking this one bit! I started playing around with the Ellen Dugan – Witches Tarot deck last night. I spread the cards out and pulled one randomly. My first pull was The Tower! The Tower is one of the few cards in the deck that makes newer and long-time tarot readers alike […]

Daily: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups brings with it joy, laughter, prosperity, happiness, success, sound mind, and abundance. An auspicious card in both the upright and reversed position. This tarot card is life infused with abundance and spirit. May your cup runneth over! The card can represent the start of a new project or a new direction […]

Our Magickal Journey Begins With the Magician.

For the second post on this blog, I selected the magician. The Magician is the first person the fool meets on his journey. The Magician teaches us the importance of will and focus. He is a creator and an innovator. He utilizes what he has to work with, and makes his dreams a reality. He […]

Let’s Start This Journey With The Fool!

I think it’s only fitting that the first post on this blog about tarot should be about The Fool. I also find it auspicious that we start this adventure at the start of a new moon cycle. The Fool is a card that can represent new beginnings and fresh starts with a playful energy and […]