The best tarot deck is the one that resonates with you and the one that you have! I have a nice collection of Tarot card decks, I think currently I have 6 or 7 decks and a few packs of Oracle cards. Messing around on eBay the other day I came across a deck I just couldn’t resist. Miss Cleo’s Power Deckā€¦

This probably shouldn’t be the first deck I review on this site yet here we are. For the younger readers who may not know who Miss Cleo was, back in the late nineties she had a 1-800 call in tarot service. She ran very entertaining infomercials night and day and people called on the telephone for pay per minute psychic readings.

Most older tarot readers might never admit it, but I wonder how many people got into tarot because they heard those tv ads playing in the background night and day? Her commercials were on almost every channel! At the very least those commercials had to have a subconscious affect on us all.

I had a cousin who called in one night. She was only 15 at the time and her mother wanted to kill her when the $140 phone bill arrived in the mail. On top of that my cousin told me it was a terrible reading with all kinds of bad information that made no sense and every time she tried to get the lady off the phone the woman would figure out a way to change the conversation and keep her on the line a little longer. Both my cousin and her mother were furious about the whole debacle. The commercial advertised a free reading, but they would transfer you over to a paid service somehow and the fees would show up on your phone bill.

Everyone has their own opinion about phone psychics. Regardless of how you feel about Miss Cleo and her call center psychics, she was probably one of the most recognizable psychics of the late 90s. I discovered on eBay the other day she must have had an offering for Tarot decks.

Here’s a Wiki about her if you want to know more.

The other day while shopping on eBay I came across one of the decks. They were only $6 with free shipping and I just couldn’t resist. I smiled as I thought about those ridiculous commercials and feeling nostalgic for the past I decided to order a deck. “Call me now!” popped into my head as I placed the order. I could almost hear the accent in her voice as I hit the buy button. At the very least I figured they’d be a fun addition to my collection. The cards arrived today and for the most part, I’m pretty happy with them. I’m even a little impressed.

I’ll start with the box. I honestly wish every tarot deck I purchased came with a box like this. It’s a nice thick cardboard box that will probably outlive the life of the deck! The top lifts off and has plenty of room for the cards and the keyword booklet that accompanies the deck. It’s like a thick cardboard version of a wooden tarot box. This box really should be the industry standard instead of those thin flimsy boxes most decks come in.

The cards themselves are a little flimsy but still very usable. If you’re looking for the U.S. Games quality deck, you’re not going to find it here. I honestly wasn’t expecting much for $6 bucks and also took into account the origins of the deck. I do like the dark blue indigo engraving on the back of each card.

For the most part, I love the card illustrations. The deck has a very Kemetic feel to it. If you vibe with the Egyptian pantheon you’ll probably love the illustrations. I did find some of the illustrations a little sparse as far as symbolism. I love decks that are full of symbolism. I feel some of the cards have adequate symbolism, other cards could need to have a little more happening in the backgrounds and surroundings in my opinion.

The keyword book that accompanied it is pretty decent and seems fairly accurate in its interpretations. It’s a nice explanation of each card in a short paragraph. Seems to be of comparable quality to any other card pack booklet I’ve received with other tarot decks.

Overall I honestly felt this was just going to be a novelty deck that I’d add to my collection. However, I’ll probably end up using this deck from time to time. If you’re new to tarot and looking for an inexpensive deck to work with, this isn’t a bad deck for beginners. I’m partial to the Rider-Waite illustrations, but there’s enough here for beginners to work with in my humble opinion. If you like the Egyptian pantheon and Kemetic style of the cards it may even be the perfect deck for you. I also think it would make a great second deck to keep in a backpack, purse, or car glove box. I’m not trying to cheapen the deck by saying this, what I guess I’m trying to say is this isn’t a bad deck to have on hand. It’s inexpensive, has a great box to store the deck in, and has decent illustrations. In my opinion it’s a fairly decent deck!

In all fairness, the best tarot deck is the one that resonates with you. If the deck speaks to you, you can relate to the symbolism, and it just feels right, then it’s the perfect deck for you. I purchased this deck a bit skeptical, and ended up really surprised and loving it. It was bought as a novelty but will end up being a welcomed addition to my Tarot collection.