Pages often represent people entering our lives or aspects of our own personalities. They can represent a young, child like energy. They can signify the start of a project, or a messenger of some sort. If it represents a person they will usually represent a younger person or someone with a childlike demeanor. Depending on the surrounding cards, they can also indicate an immature person or the trait of immaturity in somebody we’re interacting with or even ourselves.

Swords are most associated with mind and intellect. Depending on the surrounding cards swords can sometimes represent legal action and things pertaining to law. The page of swords can represent a long awaited legal decision. It can also represent the start of a well thought out plan of action.

This page is a fearless go getter and valiant. He represents truth, honesty and hard work in either ourselves or someone entering our lives. When he appears in a reading it often indicates that now is a good time to put those well thought out plans into action.