Kings can represent either strong figures in our lives or aspects of ourselves. The suit of cups also deals with emotional issues. Whenever I read the court cards I look at the Kings as having the strongest qualities of the suit it represents.

The King of Cups is a well balanced, emotionally stable, creative individual. He is a faithful lover, a compassionate father figure, and a person who knows how to make strong connections with everyone he comes in contact with.

Looking at the image we see a strong kingly character sitting calmly on a throne. The water behind him is turbulent representing the multitude of issues we each face in our daily lives. How we react to these issues and situations is our own choice. The water can also represent our thoughts and emotions. The king of cups is a reminder to stay calm, relax, and always keep a level head. Even in the most turbulent of times if we stay balanced and focused and not let ourselves be ruled by our emotions we are likely to handle the situation properly and come to the right conclusion.

In the reversed position or surrounded by negative cards it can act as a strong reminder to not let our emotions get in the way of our decision making process. It can also represent a strong need for rational thought.