I found this Youtube the other night and really enjoyed the creative ideas the content creator shares. She talks about creating a study guide for working with new tarot decks. The study guide she creates is a lot like a tarot scrapbook based around the deck she’s researching or studying. She does have a tarot scrapbook product that she’s selling, but this video is really detailed and covers so much great information. Basically she has a general outline you can purchase and print out, but she shows you everything you need to know to do it yourself.

I loved this video for several reasons. The narrator is really knowledgeable on the subject and the system she created. She breaks it down into sections and explains how she studies and analyzes a new tarot deck. Her love and knowledge really shines through in the video. I also liked my timing in finding the video.

My plan for this blog is to create a sort of digital tarot scrapbook. I’d love a finished product to end up like a digital version of what this girl creates in physical book form. Eventually, I’d like this blog to be a compendium of all things tarot. The end goal will be a digital scrapbook filled with videos, links, daily tarot meditations, articles, and all things tarot related.

Anyway, this is a great study guide, a really cool system, and the finished product looks really awesome. Definitely a fun and creative way to learn a new deck of tarot cards!

If you enjoyed her study guide, here’s another video that dives deeper into her journal creation process.