The ten of swords is another one of those cards most people cringe at when they find it in their spread. Honestly though, it’s a really interesting card and not as bad as it looks…

My first thoughts upon seeing this card is, “I have some good news and I have some bad news.”

The bad news is this card speaks for itself. It’s a card of deceit and betrayal. It’s literally a stab in the back. You may have trusted someone you shouldn’t of or you may have people around you that may not have your best interest at heart! It could also indicate a terrible mistake with unforeseen consequences.

Basically some unforeseen event is or will be taking place. It will take you by surprise and it will probably be life changing.

It can also signify the “rock bottom” of a junkie or drunk. As they say in rehab situations, most people won’t look or find help until they’ve reached rock bottom. Regardless of whether this is a question of substance abuse, or some other personal issue, this signifies that “rock bottom” has been reached.

Now for the good news! As terrible and as painful as this event may be the ten signifies the end of a cycle. Whatever this terrible situation is, the cycle has ended and we can now enter a new phase of our life. There may be a few more obstacles on the horizon, but calmer times are arriving. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to pick ourselves up. Things can only improve from here!