The five of wands is an interesting card. It’s a card that shows us things may not be what they seem. It could represent a deception, a sham or a miscommunication that causes a bit of chaos.

We have what appears to be five men on a battlefield fighting with sticks. Upon closer examination they could be fighting or they could be playing. Nobody appears to be getting hurt. If you look at the formation of the sticks, with the placement of the last stick they could be building a pentacle, thus creating or building something.

When this card appears in a reading it’s a clear signal to look closely at the situation at hand. Things are obviously not what they seem. There may be a miscommunication, or misunderstanding leading to some sort of chaos or confusion. Perhaps there is intentional ambiguity to cover up some sort of deception.

The five of wands tells us to use our power of discernment to see through the chaos and sort out what’s really going on.