The Two of Swords generally deals with difficult decisions. It shows a need to balance our thoughts and look at a problem or situation with a clear mind. We may not be able to see all the angles or we possibly don’t have all the information. The card can also indicate some sort of deception or possible trickery that we’re just not seeing.

The water element in the imagery hints at subconscious thought. The moon hints at illusion. The card can act as a reminder to watch our thoughts and not let our imagination run off or get carried away. The mountains in the distance can also represent obstacles or some sort of an issue that has been or needs to be overcome.

When the 2 of swords appears it’s important to look at all the factors surrounding the situation. Look at the problem or situation from all angles. Is there some sort of deception afoot? We need to make sure that we’re not overreacting or being overly emotional. In its simplicity, it represents a situation that must be overcome and a difficult choice that must be made.