When the High Priestess appears in a reading it’s time to trust your intuition. She can often represent mystery, hidden truths, or not knowing all the facts. Her presence in a reading indicates a need to remain balanced and look for hidden details.

Sometimes she can indicate issues rooted deep in the subconscious and a need to look inward. Her appearance in a reading tells us to trust our instincts, look deep within ourselves for the answers, and listen to our inner voice.

The High Priestess can also indicate a need to attain some form of balance or look at a situation from a balanced perspective. There may be a need to take a very close look at both the positive and negative aspects of a situation before making any decision. Once that decision is made, trust in yourself and your intuition to see it through. There may also be a need to keep our emotions in check or not get emotional.

When reversed or surrounded by negative cards it could be a strong indicator that vital information is being hidden. The people involved may only understand part of the situation or information is intentionally being withheld that will considerably affect the outcome of the situation. In business, it could represent a need to “read the fine print”.

In matters of love, The High Priestess could represent a man or woman that is strong-willed, passionate, with a balanced nature. Possibly a mysterious individual with deep-rooted qualities that may be hidden from plain view or not seen by the average person.

The High Priestess indicates a need to stay balanced, trust our intuition and look at the situation closely.