The 8 of cups is one of those cards that is really open to interpretation. In the Thoth Deck the card is named Indolence and represents laziness. This could relate to shrugging ones responsibilities, or not paying attention to a prosperous business venture or not seeing important details because you’re simply not paying attention.

In the Rider-Waite deck we see a man walking away from his endeavors.

The 8 of Cups Rider Waite deck.

When this card appears in a reading it could indicate a need to just walk away from a bad situation. It can also represent somebody turning their back on another person or situation.

Another interpretation could be someone leaving behind what they know and looking for a new direction in life. Maybe a new job or different career path. It can also represent a person no longer concerned with the fruits of their labors and looking for a higher more spiritual path. Taking the path less taken.

A final interpretation could be travel or some sort of journey.

I think a solid interpretation of the 8 of cups lies in the surrounding cards and how it may interject into the overall story. It is a card with many meanings and many different ways to interpret it.