the 3 of cups tarot card.
The 3 of cups. A welcome addition to any spread. Achievement, accomplishment, celebration.

The 3 of cups is another one of those tarot cards that is a welcome addition to almost any tarot spread. It represents success, accomplishments, and achievements. Hard work has finally paid off and now it’s time to celebrate.

A great card to find in the outcome position showing a highly likely success above and beyond expectations.

The three of cups shows us our hard work and dedication will pay off. It is the epitome of “work hard, play hard”. It represents great ideas and projects coming to fruition. It can also represent a successful partnership, and new friends.

In questions of love, it could represent a joyous relationship filled with love and laughter maybe even marriage depending on the accompanying cards.

On the very rare occasion depending on it’s position and the surrounding cards, the negative side of this card could indicate a need to slow down, and maybe even indicate a little too much partying or hint towards alcoholism and drug abuse. For the most part though, this is a card of great happiness and well deserved celebration.