The Miss Cleo Power Deck

Tarot Deck Review – Miss Cleo’s Power Deck

The best tarot deck is the one that resonates with you and the one that you have! I have a nice collection of Tarot card decks, I think currently I have 6 or 7 decks and a few packs of Oracle cards. Messing around on eBay the other day I came across a deck I […]

2 of Pentacles

A Fun Tarot Meditation For Learning the Tarot Card’s

One of the most daunting tasks of learning tarot for most people is learning each card’s meaning. With 78 cards in the deck, this can be a challenge for even the most brilliant amongst us. Many people start learning tarot only to get overwhelmed and burned out trying to memorize an entire deck at once. […]

Oracle Cards For Introspection

Oracle Cards For Introspection

Like so many of us, over the last few days, I’m feeling the pressure of living in a somewhat uncertain world. Coronavirus has spread from country to country and state to state. Most of us don’t know what to expect and that can feel a little overwhelming. The other night as I watched the news […]

The Page of Swords

Daily: The Page of Swords

Pages often represent people entering our lives or aspects of our own personalities. They can represent a young, child like energy. They can signify the start of a project, or a messenger of some sort. If it represents a person they will usually represent a younger person or someone with a childlike demeanor. Depending on […]

The king of cups sits upon his throne.

Daily: The King of Cups

Kings can represent either strong figures in our lives or aspects of ourselves. The suit of cups also deals with emotional issues. Whenever I read the court cards I look at the Kings as having the strongest qualities of the suit it represents. The King of Cups is a well balanced, emotionally stable, creative individual. […]

The Seven of Wands

Daily: The 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands is a card that shows us obstacles are being overcome, but there is still action that needs to be taken. You may have to fight for what is rightfully yours. There is definitely a need to stand your ground! The seven of wands shows opposition, resistance, and a need for strategic […]

The Moon tarot card from the Rider Waite deck

The Moon – From A Witches Almanac

I found this clipping in “The Witches Almanac” Issue 29 Spring 2010 to Spring 2011. The clipping was found in the moon section of the almanac. It was just a couple pages dedicated to utilizing the moon in magick ritual. I liked the interpretation of this card and the author’s use of the imagery in […]

Youtube Video About Learning A New Tarot Deck

Video: Study Guide, Journal, and Tarot Scrapbook Ideas.

I found this Youtube the other night and really enjoyed the creative ideas the content creator shares. She talks about creating a study guide for working with new tarot decks. The study guide she creates is a lot like a tarot scrapbook based around the deck she’s researching or studying. She does have a tarot […]

10 of Swords

Daily: The Ten of Swords

The ten of swords is another one of those cards most people cringe at when they find it in their spread. Honestly though, it’s a really interesting card and not as bad as it looks… My first thoughts upon seeing this card is, “I have some good news and I have some bad news.” The […]

XI Justice

Daily: Justice XI Major Arcana

Justice the eleventh card of the major arcana. When the justice card appears in a reading it is usually a reminder to act ethically, fairly, and compassionately. The scales of justice will be balanced, and our actions will be accounted for. It often represents a legal situation, a day in court, or a legal matter. […]